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PhotoWith the rising cost of new homes, many people are deciding to remodel and add on to their existing homes when their existing homes don’t meet their needs any more. With the right design and good planning, a major remodeling of your existing home can transform “this old house” into the new home of your dreams. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what the possibilities can be when you are so used to seeing something the way it’s been.

PhotoLet us help you explore your options whether it’s adding a second floor master bedroom over the garage, pushing the kitchen wall out into the backyard a few feet to make it just right, or adding a new bedroom for the latest addition to the family. We also do commercial renovations.

“Our home was built on a hillside in Corte Madera at the turn of the century. Our triplet sons were quickly outgrowing Photothe house. We needed a new master bedroom and additional living space to accommodate soon-to-be teenagers. We were concerned that the additions blend in well with the Victorian style, both on the interior and the exterior. The craftsmen at Structural Integrity did an extremely good job at that. We added hundreds of square feet to both sides of the house, including a new front entry way. It all matches the historic appeal of the original house.

PhotoWe also appreciated the efforts the crew took to minimize the inconvenience of the construction. And we liked working with the different subcontractors that Evo recommended.

All in all I think the project was well handled and I can recommend Structural Integrity to anyone doing major work on their home. I also recommend getting Evo’s input during the design phase. He is good at spotting “issues” that should be addressed upfront.”

—Michael & Joy Simmonds